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Workstation Support

Workstation Support

Technetik offers fast, friendly workstation support for Cyprus businesses.

Computers, both Desktops and Laptops, and their peripherals are put to diligent use in any organization. They are an investment and you would obviously want them to work to their fullest efficiency and available to your employees in the same way. These systems, like any other machines need proper care for their efficient functioning. Computer files should also be protected against malicious viruses and malware.

Hands-on Tech support from Technetik will ensure the meaningful acquisition and proper maintenance of workstations.  We give valuable suggestions on what suits you, what is cost-effective, how to protect in terms of your computer system investments. Workstation support also includes fixing of both hardware and software failure in your computer systems.

Our Services include:

  • Purchase of Computers and Peripherals
  • Maintenance and Upgradation of Workstations
  • Backups
  • Hardware and Software Installations
  • Installing Antivirus Programs
  • Remote Access Support
  • Apple repair or Mac repair or Windows repair

Technetik creates and manages a plan to keep track of your computer hardware and software purchases, keep them in form and perform health checks on planned schedules or on demand.  Maintenance and health checks are performed on the entire set of your computer network or just a single task as a printer fix, removing a spyware, a software upgrade, a windows repair etc.

You can employ our services as a scalable on-demand where you pay for what you need or as a retainer on demand where you can collaborate with us for the entire coverage of technical support and services. We structure our work in such a way that it requires minimum or minimal downtime for the services.

On a moment’s notice, any of our skilled staff is assigned to fix any type of your computer repair or any malicious windows or Apple repair through remote sessions. We can also arrange for onsite computer repair sessions carried out on a periodic schedule or on-demand. We tailor the best paradigm for your tech support needs, based on your size, requirements and budget.

We are a team of technically skilled staff with hands-on experiences in workstations support and maintenance.  A great knowledge base is a cornerstone of Technetik, where our expertise assures for your maximum business productivity.

Get in touch with us for consultations on your computer investments, Installations and Upgrades, Safe and secure networks, etc. whatever that is required to increase productivity of your business.

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